At FleishmanHillard we have been studying authenticity for nearly a decade.

At its heart, authenticity is the fundamental alignment of who you claim to be and who you really are. If the two are at odds, no matter who you are, people will be let down or dissatisfied, and you will fall short of expectations.

Our recent research has highlighted emerging trends affirming the power and critical importance of what it means to be truly authentic.

Using our interactive tool below you can now review this research across industry and market, to give you a clear overview of consumer expectations across customer benefits, society outcomes, and management behaviours. These data points provide insights into what shapes perceptions, and so how industries and companies may be judged from a performance perspective.

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The nine drivers of authenticity:

Customer benefits

  1. Offering products and services that are better value
  2. Taking better care of customers
  3. Innovating new and better products and services

Society outcomes

  1. Taking better care of employees
  2. Having a positive impact of society and communities
  3. Taking better care of the environment

Management behaviours

  1. Committing to act ethically and responsibly
  2. Showing consistent and stable performance
  3. Communicating in a way that is consistent, frequent and credible